Henley Flowers

If you would like to thank any wedding contributors during the speeches, a thank you bouquet is a nice way to express your thanks.  These are often given to mums, parents, grandparents etc to say thank you for all the time, effort, money and support they may have given to get you to your wedding day.

Or to someone who has taken on a task for the day - made your wedding cake,  helped with decorations, invitations, hair, make up etc.

Starting from £30, the bouquets can be made to any value.  They can be made to match the colours and flowers of your wedding (or any colours and flowers of your choice).  They are wrapped and presented in a water bubble and then in a bag or box.  They are therefore in water and can be left all day/night without drying out.  They also transport quite well following the wedding.  Usually the wedding venue will hide these somewhere and produce them in time for the speeches.

All bouquets come with little cards for messages, to express your thanks and sometimes say the things that aren't said out loud.  These can be sent to you in good time before the wedding to write yourselves, should you wish to.

More examples below:

thank you bouquets